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April 18, 2012

Friday Night Out

Bardot blazer, H&M top, American Apparel disco pants, Jeffrey Campbell Tardy, Louis Vuitton bag
It's always nice to catch up with your close friends when you both have the time to do so. My friend and I decided to try something different for dinner and he suggested that we should go eat Argentinean steak at Gaucho's. It was rather a coincidence because I was actually craving steak so it was a win-win situation for me (and him I suppose). Despite it taking almost 45 minutes to serve us our steak, it was definitely worth the money. The roasted potatoes were actually very nice too.

I was a little lazy with dressing up that night, so my go-to-pants have been the beautiful American Apparel Disco pants. I also recently purchased another pair of Jeffrey Campbells and they're already becoming one of my favourite as well as comfortable shoes to wear out. Furthermore, the height that I am when I wear them is awesome.

P.s.The flash photos makes my face appear sooooo white and thankyou Kim for taking my photos (..I bet you were waiting for me to mention you :P)


Amelia said...

your lazy to dress up outfit is still as great as always :)

Sue said...

Wow some amazing photos! The deco is so niceeee!
And food, glorious foooooood om nom nom.
Your hair looks so pretttyyy!

Daniella said...

Grat pictures!!! Love your outfit!! :)

Take care,Daniella xox

Laura said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, I am your new follower:) If you like, you can follow me back so we keep in touch:X

Hannah said...

gorgeous photos, i love the blazer!



Well... said...

Oh wow, absolutely love this chic and edgy outfit! That blazer is such a pretty deep color, and your shoes are killer <3

Trendy Teal


gal ur way too cute!that blazer is a thing to die for!<3



Isabel Rose said...

gorgeous outfit! The disco pants are amazing, i really need to invest in a pair!!

RochellekeCloset said...

nice outfit! l love Gauchos too!

Anonymous said...

your look super sophisticated aaa lovely!

jamie-lee said...

It sounds like you had a lovely night out wi your friend. And those disco pants are a great toto, they look lovely on you!

Joandy said...

these pants are so cool, love the wine color blazer too, gorgeous look!!!

maggie said...

So nice! I love the burgundy and black combo <3 the disco pants go so well with the Tardys!

xx maggie

Stevia said...

absolutely in love with your blazer!!

The Sweetest Escape 

rachel said...

love the blazer, it looks fantastic with the blouse! x

Ayya McFire said...

Been wanting those Jeffrey Campbell's for a while!
Definitely need to get my hands on them!

Carissa said...

When you smile, you look a lot like my friend;)


char said...

i love the color of your blazer! :)

xx char

Anonymous said...

No I was not, you're ugly anyways. -k

Anonymous said...


Danie said...

Great outfit! I love your shoes and blazer! :)


Michelle Melody ♥ said...

Thanks for ur comment in my blog!
I love your oufit! GREAT! :D

Mind to follow each other?

Thanks dear<3


Nuar said...

Hey, Jody!!
Thanks a lot for your comment on my blog and for giving me the chance to discover yours, which is very enjoyable! I absolutely value fashion sense and attitude, and you sure have both, girl! Keep growing that style passion! I've so fallen for this eclectic ensemble: each piece is gorgeous, but even better it's the way you carry it all off.
BTW, I bet you relished the Argentinian meet, but, if you come to my country some day, I promise you'll taste the best one ever!
Following you now, and if you like my blog, I'll be thrilled to have you among my followers, as well!
XOXO, María José

Ginger Snap ♥ said...

Thats such a gorgeous colour blazer! Love those leggings also. Thank you for my comment lovely, now following xx


Analisa said...

I love this overall look especially your pants and blazer! Your shoes definitely look comfy too and the food looks delicious!


Izzy said...

mm Argentinian steak! that's def something I'll look out for in the future. it looks soo yummy! :) oh and the AA pants are SO hot on you. I've seen those disco leggings around before but you are definitely one of the rare few who can pull it off.


Georgia Zemou said...

Thanks for your lovely comment sweety! Great post! I'm following you! Hope you will do the same!



kathleen said...

you and your photos are simply beautiful. i can't believe you're a high school student. your style is just too polished (in a good way!)


Lynette said...

dig the pants!

flea market said...

Great pics and very nice outfit :) I do really like your blog and I follow you :)

Sue Lyn said...

is it me or are you getting prettier by the posts? :) i remember the first time i visited silky bow, you looked so young compared to now! in a good way of course :) keep glowing ok? you're so gorgeous <3

My Cowlick said...

Great pictures girl!



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