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March 7, 2012

Wearing My Favourite Pieces

Bardot blazer, blouse bought from a local boutique, Forever New belt, Blackmilk tights, white socks, ASOS brogues & gold cuffs, Sportsgirl bag
Sleeping extremely late on a Friday night, followed by an early Saturday morning makes me feel lazier than usual (not to mention tired). I wanted to be as comfortable as possible as I was going to buy gifts for people, even though I felt a bit guilty when I arrived home with some things for myself.
So are you pondering what exactly are my favourite pieces in this particular outfit? Well, to answer your question, I absolutely adore my fancy Blackmilk tights, mint ASOS brogues, burgundy blazer, sheer blouse, and accessorized with a belt and cuffs. It's basically the entire outfit itself.


Ice Pandora said...

Pretty milkyway pants <3
Love the whine/purple colored blazer as well :)

I can't sleep late with fridays, I have
an early shift on saterday :c


Mikaela said...

Awww I love this!! :D x

Anonymous said...

nice individual pieces... bad outfit though /shake. It just doesn't suit.

Rachel said...

I love Blackmilk leggings, and burgundy!

cookie093 said...

I love this outfit on you :) the green brogues and the YSL ring I got you looks perfect against all the burgundy pieces!!

j. said...

jodie you're so adorable !
love all the burgundy and especially the black milks have yet to get some myself :)
jessie x
the weekend project.

Fanny said...

pretty outfit ^^ I like the bag ^^ :)

The Fashion Lookout said...

These colours are gorgeous! and the leggins are amazing, I'm loving galaxy print :)

Candypop said...

Love how you styled everything ! The blazer i adoreeee and your jewellery :D


Hannah said...

love this blazer, such a fab colour



Emina said...

this outfit is amazing! loooove it, every single piece!

Angie said...

wow you look absolutely stunning! i love the double maroon and galaxy tights. you're a fashion dream!

pandaphilia style

Lynette said...

leggings envy

Nana said...

Ohh! Nice outfit, I love the leggings!

maggie said...

Love the individual pieces! They go quite well together :) Favorite has still got to be your galaxy leggings <3

xx maggie

Julie said...

I love your blazer!! *-*

Laura said...

Beautiful posts and very nice blog! Congrats on your work!
Perhaps you'd like to follow each other?:)
Fashionhypnotised girl

chocoandpink said...

Love your style dear...adore with your tight...^^

Follow you....maybe you'd like to follow each other? ;)
Thank you for your comment on my blog..;)


Angelica Hennata said...

flawless! love ur tight so much :3
thanks for comment on my blog.


Stefania Boccolato said...

omg, i love this outfit is beautiful, burgundy is one of my favorite color and i love it on blazers.
i'm a new follower.


Ann-Catrin said...

Thank you very much for your comment! :)
I adore your outfit; the colour of the blazer, the bag - wow!


littlemissandrea said...

Love the burgundy tone you chose for this outfit! Love your style :)

Following you now - hope you can do the same for me!

Anonymous said...

the shoes ruined the outfit.

Joyce said...

Your blazer is such a pretty color :)

Ester Theresa said...

hey, Thank you for dropped comment on my blog :)
Glad to see your post.
I like your photos and the blazer! they are awesome.

Ester from meandmycups.blogspot.com

Hazy Days. said...

Oh darling, I love your blog! I was looking for nice blogs through my friend's blog and found yours, if you would like we could both follow each other? Let me know in a comment lovely! Mine's: www.elishayates.com


PAPS said...

Oh lovely tights. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Do you like to follow each other via GFC, bloglovin and twitter. Let me know will follow you right back on all.

Veronica said...

Beautiful colours!

And beautiful blog! I am now following you =D xox


The Reflets Etincelants said...

i'm following you
mind to follow back? :)


nadyagita said...

the blazer and legging matched so well!
cute shoes too :)

Style, Pose, and Tell

finethenbelikethat said...

Wonderful jacket and bag!

famoody said...

love your blog:)Maybe we can follow each other?


Claireta Teressa said...

super love your blog and your style.
midn to follow back?


Australian Fashion Review Blog - Gems said...

I love the colour of the blazer - its gorgeous!
Gems x

j.d. said...

Lovely tight!! And your blazer's color so awesome!! *^^*