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March 18, 2012

Snack time

These delicious macarons were from Melbourne's Lindt cafe and no, I didn't personally buy them, my sister did when she went to Melbourne. 
Yesterday when I was searching for places to eat lunch in the city, I realised that a lotttttt of stores cater for macarons. It use to be extremely difficult finding these little snacks and the places that had them weren't even that appetising. I remember trying macarons for the first time at a place that didn't do them any justice and my reacton was, "Oh... so these are what macarons taste like..." 

School's been very exhausting. I even napped for almost three hours today to catch up on sleep, and I rarely ever nap. Napping makes me feel more tired when I wake up though, like how I'm feeling right now.. I have my school formal in less than two weeks, which should be exciting to see all my friends wearing gorgeous dresses.


dongala (wanderer) said...

these looks yum! :P

Angie said...

these macarons are sooo pretty! i've always wanted to try them

pandaphilia style

Helena Natanael said...

hmm yummy! :D


しずか ♥ (heartofpearl) said...

Oo as I was reading the part where it was from Melbourne, I thought Oh you're here! Hehe but you cleared things up pretty quickly :) Great images Jody! x

Jane said...

I love Lindt macarons, if only they weren't so expensive. Yes, a lot of places do them now but not all turn out that great. Good luck with school! I know what you mean about napping, haha, I wake up feeling worse than I did before I went to sleep.

Sue said...

Yummm gotta love Lindt :) I feel like some now haha.
I can't wait to see your formal look!!

Isabel Rose said...

ooh, macaroons are so tasty! I wish more places served them where i am!

maggie said...

I love macarons! They are just amazing <3 Very sad that only one place in my town offers them, and they are small and expensive :(
School is a killer! The amount of homework has made it so that I'm too tired to take outfit posts and whatnot nowadays

xx maggie

Amy said...

Oooh macarooons~!! Yumm

Amy Xx

The Fashion Lookout said...


jessica wu said...

MMM love macarons. just had some on sunday :)

ps, just found your blog (we're both on the homepage of sportsgirl!) and i'm a new follower :)