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March 3, 2012

Fringe Opening Night

Evil Twin top, Forever New belt, Bardot high waist paper shorts, White socks, Tony Bianco boots, Sportsgirl Bag, ASOS cuffs
This was taken during the night of the official opening of the Fringe, which was last week i.e. another late post. It was actually my first time participating in the busy atmosphere of the lively Fringe festival. There were soooo many people in the usually-empty-and-dead city of Adelaide that it felt a bit strange. Us three were heading to the Garden of Unearthly Delights, but by the time we finally arrived, there was actually a massive, long queue to get in. We obviously weren't bothered enough to line up so we decided to take photos instead (our excuse? It's because we all have blogs :P).

It's pretty funny how Cathy and my outfit match up because we did not plan it at all, and I rarely ever even wear yellow. I also realised that I wear some of my shoes out way too much, and some, I never wear. I decided to wear these shoes from Tony Bianco, that I've only worn out once. These are actually a very comfortable pair of boots, especially considering how much walking I did that night because I did A LOT of walking.
Photos thanks to Cathy and Hien :)


maggie said...

You girls look gorgeous! I love your top, the collar and hem details are just great :)
Sounds like the opening of the Fringe was a blas!

xx maggie

maggie said...

blast* whoops!

Mikaela said...

Haha aww you included us! :) I love your cam!! Wahhh I should be getting mine soon! YAY SLRs! <3

The Fashion Lookout said...

Perfect excuse for some lovely photos! I adore your outfits :) You both look great!

GoldBlackMirror said...

I reallly like your cuffs i love all of this outfit!!!

Gillian Uang said...

Very Pretty!:)


Sue said...

Haha cuuute matching outfits with Cathy!!
You look great as always. The detailing on the top is gorgeous!

Jaeger said...

still cant get over those asos cuffs!



Simone said...

Great pictures!! Your outfits are amazing- you both look stunning!

Have a nice weekend!!

Kisses form Austria,

Peiyinn said...

Cute outfit and lovely photos! :)

cookie093 said...

Aww we were about to blog about this night around the same time!! haha

I love you :)

<3 <3

Nana said...

Really nice outfit!

Rute Pereira said...

I really liked your outfit, so nice and cute :)

The top are so beautiful and with these shorts is the perfect match!


Joyce said...

I absolutely love your top, the color is awesome and your shoes are adorable!

CAMILLA said...

great outfit,,
i love your shoes and bag...

Eugene Marseille said...

You look amazing!


nadyagita said...

love your collar top and those asos cuffs :)
it's funny your outfit match up with your friend :p

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