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February 21, 2012

All Glamoured Up

Equip necklace, Asos gold cuffs, Just Jeans top, Bardot sheer skirt, Windsor Smith boots, 

I've realized that literally all of my maxi skirts consist of either pleats, sheer or the combination of both. This was my latest skirt purchased from Bardot, which I bought with the last amounts that I had left on my gift voucher. I actually am in love with this skirt. The inner skirt fits me perfectly, and it is extremely comfortable to wear out. I can already see myself wearing this constantly during the autumn season. 
The top is quite old. However I only had the opportunity to wear it out once. Who would think that the glittery texture of the shirt, which I bought 2 years ago, is now one of the popular trends this season?
I decided to accessorize the outfit with a statement necklace, and my favourite gold cuffs (as per usual). I also experimented with some plum lipstick to add more effect to this outfit. 
I hope everyone has been going through a lovely week. I just came back home from a dinner with all my friends as one of them is off to Sydney this Saturday for future studies! :(


Jaeger said...

Love that pleated skirt!



arsyparsy said...

I love this look!
You look gorgeous!!! x

Gillian Uang said...

Very Pretty! :) Loving your maxi skirt!


Rute Pereira said...

You look great with the maxi skirt :)

I think that you are really beautiful and your face is so sweet!

Thank you for your comment in my blog, I'm following you.
Kisses from Portugal*

Rachel said...

I love those photos of your maxi blowing in the wind, and those cuffs are amazing!

mirjam schuurkamp said...

love the skirt bebe!

New post on the blog ; Photoshoot

Daniella said...

Beautiful,love this!!!! :)

Take care,Daniella xox

cookie093 said...

I love that skrit! You look gorgeous here lovey! <3<3

Oreleona said...

I love the skirt!! love the top and YOUr SHOES!! omg lovely outfit!!!


omg the third pic is totally a campaign shoot!stunning!



Femke. said...

Looooove this outfit! Would love to wear this myself! <3


Isabel Rose said...

the skirt is gorgeous! really want a pleated sheer maxi skirt like this for summer!

aelie said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, that skirt is amazing. I love pleated midi and maxi skirts! x

maggie said...

I love how you styled the maxi! Super classy, and the accessories are awesome, as always. I love the necklace.

xx maggie

Lynette said...

I got a dress from Bardot last week for $79 - so cheap! Was pleasantly surprised.

LOVING gold cuffs atm.

The Fashion Lookout said...

Love your blog, you look amazing. That top is lovely too!
Thats sad about your friend, but now you have a reason to visit!

Candypop said...

You look extremely tall in these photos and amazingggg maxi skirt! I really love the top though i like how things are coming back into fashion.


Aubrey and Melissa said...

Thanks for your comment on our site:) This is amazing! You have awesome style! This is a beautiful outfit, that pleated maxi is incredible.

Rinny said...

I love the photos! The skirt looks great on you - I like how the bottom half of the skirt is a bit sheer but the skirt itself still looks very modest. It looks great paired with the striped top :)

Anonymous said...

you look really lovely in that long pleated maxi! I'm too short to pull it off :P

Anonymous said...

I'm still prettier than you