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August 4, 2011

Tea and Coffee

A post filled with tea and coffee related stuff, whether it would be going to a coffee shop or to a cupcake shop. Those types of atmosphere are always my favourite. I did write an old post on the cupcake shop, called BTS agesss ago, but it's alright to post more photos of it because this time it is taken with a good quality camera. Isn't the interior of the pink cupcake shop so nice?
I'm not actually a coffee person though, I usually just order some sort of tea. The only coffee I would normally order would be frappuccinos (yay for green tea flavored ones from Starbucks).


Rachel said...

All of these different places look amazing - I need to find some cute tea shops!

tasha faye said...

your photographs are so lovely and saturated with loveliness. <3 this place looks like tea heaven! xxx

Tam said...

wow at the first photo, you are too fashionable it hurts :). My frappucinos are always too icy and no flavour so I switch to the green tea latte, its so niceeeee.

Jane said...

That cupcake place looks adorable! I like those atmospheres as well. Those instant pictures you took look so fun as well.

Anonymous said...

Those places looks just so cute and delicious! And your photos are really great :-)


Oreleona said...

beautiful pictures!! i love ur jewelry!

breakingrumours said...

such lovely pictures :) thanks for sharing! and the cupcakes looks so yummy

Liza said...

i love tea and coffee.
..and your blog!! :)


Paula said...

So lovely photos! Cupcake looks delicious.
Damn I would love to have a polaroid too!

xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

Kalmo said...

This coffee shop is super adorable!

C.Key said...

Lovely pics chérie! C:
Your shirt is 2 cute!
Great post!

The Corner Girl said...

I'm also a big fan of Starbucks green tea fraps!

Sue Lyn said...

i love love love that teacup!! yes, same here, i love chilling at cafes like these. (:


janet said...

nice colour tone..!
you took a lot of lovely pics :)

Ka$h! said...

Thanks for your comment! :) Sorry for the late reply, i was on holiday ;)
i adore coffee! i love these pictures, theyre amazing! my fav is the one of the napkin :)
which effects did you use for the 2 and 3 pictures? theyre beautiful!

following, and i hope you got a crochet top for yourself! :)

xoxo Kasia

kalai said...

such cute shops~~

{Miyayosh} said...

This post is so adorable >.<! I loveeee COFFEE&tea and these shops are so cute also!
xx =)

กาแฟสด Aorabika Coffee said...

Sawasdee ka *-*
I come to visit you blog naka