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August 13, 2011


Regatta coat, Pari playsuit, Bardot belt, black tights, Lipstick boots
Once again, I went for another trip to the Mac Factory (no it's not the apple store or the make up one either). I just can't get enough of the macarons there. My favourite flavour would have to be the green tea ones for now, hence why my tray doesn't look as pretty nor colourful. It's too green.


Kalmo said...

I love Macaroons! My favorite are green tea. you look like a model in the pics, your picture quality is so good.

KINGA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gerrytales said...

I love your play-suit! I can't wait til the weather gets warmer so I can rock em too ~
Ooo macarons! I haven't eaten one since last year. Forgot the taste o.O

KINGA said...

love your hair !! xx,K.


i like the shoes!!!!it's with perfect heel!and aww macaron is freaking yum!<3

Wrinkle In Time Vintage said...

This is adorable, and such a beautiful colour!

-Laura xox

CAMILLA said...

i love that shoes
wow macaroons..

Katie said...

Green tea macarons sound amazing! You look lovely :) xo

Tam said...

jody you have a modelesque look to you. I don't know if they have this flavour in adelaide but if you see a cream cheese filling you should give them a try!

Mary and Dyer said...

You look adorable!! I love the romper!

Thanks for visiting my blog & for the sweet comment!

I just became your newest follower and I would love for you to follow us back!!



Melody said...

Eee! I love green tea macarons too! *_* one of my favourites ! Aha, you're so much more practical than I am :( ! Even though I may not like some flavours as much as others, I still buy like one of each just for the colours :<

<3 And your playsuit looks gorgeous ! I still am yet to find one that fits me :(

Asuka said...

you look so beautiful =)

★00★ said...

Macaroonssss *_______________*

Anonymous said...

That playsuit is so super cute! You look so gorgeous in it. :)

Yum! Those macaroons look delicious.


Cylia said...

ohh the macarons look really good! and so yummy.

Gabriella Olivia said...

i love your playsuit! anw, i just found your blog and its amazing. great style, great photos! :D

Peiyinn said...

The macaroon seem yummy! Nice playsuit :)

Julie said...

Yum green tea macaroons! Also you look very feminine with a bun haha

Shared closet said...

you look adoooooooorable in pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!
buy the way we follow u :)))

Maria said...

you look so chic!! Love the outfit! Really! :)

Care to follow each others blog?

Hugs and kisses,

Erika said...

AHHHHH MACARONS !!!!!!!! I've been to the Mac Factory like SO many times during Spring before I go overseas, I'm in love, I never get sick of em..heheh, and yeah, ur outfit is SO CUTE, I can never rock that outfit! gorgeous :)

ps because ure so lovely, I've decided to spread the love and award u with some blog awards, check out the link for more info :)



decimal shoes said...

love your shoes dear :)
and those macarons i loved it!

miss.kotova said...

I love your blog!
you are so cute and that Minnie Mouse umbrella is amazing.

lovely fashion.

following you.

aki! said...

I love macarons! But the place that has really good macarons here is super expensive.


sabrina maida said...

thanks to droping my blog !! i love macaroons :DD

wanna follow each other?