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July 23, 2011

Woolmark Fashion Campaign

Woolmark is about 'everything wool'. They love seeing people incorporate wool garments into their daily outfits and hence they are currently hosting a new campaign called, 'Fashion by Feelings.' It's a fun campaign as it gives us an opportunity to wear wool more often and realize how versatile wool can be.
The site is pretty quirky itself as it contains twelve different categories flying around woolly Earth (lame joke) and each category is dependent on our feelings during that time. So whether you're feeling loved, happy, powerful, nostalgic or so on, you can still post a look suitable.

Now enough about the introduction of this site, my purpose was to elaborate more on the campaign.
They're launching a global street style competition, where you as the user can upload your favourite wool look in hoping to win the grand prize.
Firstly upload your look on the site and categorize your outfit in between the 12 categories. Now the good thing is, people can go and vote for your look and if your wool look is the most loved... You have the amazing opportunity to win a total prize of $12,000 AUD holiday experience for you and a friend. If you choose not to participate however, just by voting, you're still eligible to go into a draw to win a wool prize pack sponsored by Emu Australia worth $400 AUD.

To know more about the grand prize:
Grand Prize Details
  • 2 return economy class flights to Sydney 
  • 6 nights in a 5 star hotel in Sydney, with breakfasts
  • 1 day visit to a Merino property 
  • 2 pairs of EMU Australia boots 
  • $3,600 Westfield premium shopping experience
So if this sounds like something that you could do, then I encourage you to enter. I mean it's worth a shot and goodluck!

P.s Did I mention that you can upload as much looks as you like, and this would obviously give you a higher chance of winningggggg.

P.P.S - Coincidentally, I recently wore an outfit that featured two wool garments which I will post more details of that look in an outfit post. The two wool garments are a wool scarf and a vintage wool jumper. You can pop by and vote for me here if you like haha! Thanks.


Wrinkle In Time Vintage said...

Goodluck dear! I'm also entered in the same contest :)


Marielleheart said...

ahwww LOVE your style! Browsed trough your pictures and it's fab! Would you like to follow each other? x

mirjam schuurkamp said...

i love your style 2!
you have an amazing TASTE!

New outfit post - Soft colors

Melody said...

Ahhh this sounds like a fun contest! But I don't think I have anything wooly ... I think... But you look amazing as usual <3 Will vote for you!

And Woolworths should have hosted this *_*

Kalmo said...

Goodluck! Sounds like a cool campaign.

Chelsea Lane said...

ah what an amazing campaign! love these images you've selected for the post :)


Julian Tanoto said...

the karl lamberfeld pic is so funny !

Journal J

your-stalker said...

I love seeing you in all these campaigns, vooooted!

LOVE LIGHT said...

Haha; interesting contest! Too bad I don't have any thing with wool =( I really like your outfit ~ voted :)!

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I wish I could wear wool...I'm allergic!