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July 21, 2011

High Waist Jeans With Collared Top

Bardot blazer, Pink Gossip shirt, Lee jeans, Boots from Hong Kong
I just mixed and matched what I had in my wardrobe and came up with this casual outfit. Knowing that I was going to constantly walk for the entire day, I didn't want to wear any heels/ wedges to refrain from receiving any blisters. I love the collar of the top and I still admire the chain detail of the blazer. 

Anyway, I've just read that ZARA will be opening a store at Burnside Village in Adelaide in November! It's so exciting because I would never imagine for ZARA to open a store here but seriously, it was way overdue. Suddenly more and more international stores are branching into Australia, which is an awesome sign for us Australians.


Aki No Yuutsu said...

Love the preppy-ish look here!

Kalmo said...

You rock the high waist jeans really well. Zara is awesome, closest one is in SF by me.

Anonymous said...

I LOVEE that shirt - gives a masculine /androgynous feel to your whole outfit. you always muscle up a great outfit!

Dale said...

I totally know what you mean about not wanting to wear heels when you're walking a lot and i think these pants are so cute with the boots. You look great in these high waisted pant and your hair and makeup is perfect with this look

Nice post, Zara is such a great store

ching said...

the androgygny is superb!

Anonymous said...

I love ZARA and I really want it to open in BRISBANE! I am jealous that Sydney has got it and now Adelaide, what about Brisbane? Haha.

Gorgeous outfit, you look so beautiful. :)


amanda said...

you look really smart and chic <3

Oreleona said...

love the look andthe chain detail of the Jacket!!

Elegantesque said...

Nice outfit very rock !!


Jane said...

Love the outfit, the shirt especially - I've had a thing for collared shirts lately. I love how more stores are opening in Australia, our retail market needs shaking up! There are still huge lines inside our Zara, evening though it's been open a while.

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

thanks for your lovely comment on my blog btw :)
wanna follow each other ?let me know if you want :)

AndjelaUndTom said...

Love your blog!

Follow me if you like my blog and I'll follow you back. :)


Sue Lyn said...

very stylish! i love the detailing on the blazer.. really chic! xx


Kelsey said...

Your outfit is fantastic!


Morgan Jordan said...

Hi hi! Thanks for your comment. You can pull off the high waisted look so well! Lovely photos, the way they're edited.



peach tutu. said...

looove your sense of style and consistent outfit posts! I wish I could too.. the reason I haven't been blogging lately has been due to a couple of reasons, but the main reason is that I started an online clothing store! So if you're interested, its on https://sites.google.com/site/alexafashionshop and add me on facebook at Shop Alexa! I'll be getting a domain soon but for the time being, this long website name will have to do haha.. I hope you like it!
Yes and ZARA recently opened in Melbourne, I bought a bag that I adore and its become my everyday bag. I should start blogging again!