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June 14, 2011

Melbourne Photo Diary

- Yummy breakfast
My sister and I somehow ended up in a store which had a lot of nice sticker photo machines. It had the longest time since I have taken these photos. I use to take them all the time. However now, I felt so awkward because I didn't know how I should pose...

I wished the future ZARA store opened when I was there... It looks like it's going to be a really large store. It's actually opening today!

Sipping on some Green Tea Frappuccino!!!
This was a little cupcake/ macaroon store. The store is called 'The Cupcake Family.'I decided to purchase a few macaroons for my friends and I. I wasn't sure whether I should buy a lot because the ones that I've eaten in the past have had been extremely sweet. They were seriously the tastiest macaroons that I've ever eaten. I wished I bought more! The store also provided with really pretty cupcakes too.
Spent most of my afternoon trying to find these Harajuku crepes, I received different directions from people when I asked them where it was.Finally, after like thirty minutes with the help of the iPhone, I found it... Honestly though, I didn't even finish my crepe hehe.
My last dose of food for the day were these delicious churros... I wanted to eat Max Brenners as well since I haven't had it for agesssssss! I couldn't eat both considering how I ate quite a bit throughout the day so I thought I'll give this store a try.
The Yarra River that's brown during the day...
This was basically the end of my Melbourne day, after over nine hours of constant walking and feeling lost because I didn't know where to go next, I managed to try really nice food! I hardly bought anythinggggg in terms of clothes though. I also thought it was awesome that there was a camp fire opposite of the Flinders Street Station!


Candypop said...

=) awesome photos of yummy foood jody! mm makes me wana go to melb for the food <3 and the shopping!

Melody said...

Ahhh! You managed to find The Cupcake Family - yaayyy! It's the one where I first tried macarons :D But next time you're around, I'll take you to Cacao - their range is larger and their macarons are yummmyyy as *-* !

But which sticker photos did you go to xD? Photoworld or Photoplus? I'm assuming the latter since the first is kind of ...hidden?

Anyway! You should definitely come again and have us as your guides (:

Rachel said...

Amazing photos! Those cakes look adorable, and you've made me really want to visit Australia now!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the most fantastic trip, I really want to live in Melbourne sometime in my city, every time I go there I'm always hit with so many new surprises (and the food is SO FANTASTIC haha, jealous!)


Lina Kim ♥ said...

aah, you make me want to visit aussie XD

Jenna said...

Zara opening in melb soon... awesome! too bad I dont live in melb but it would make my melb trip more exciting!!

yummmy!!! macarons!!!!! why cant perth be awesome like melb >.<


Jessica said...

the photo diary is sooooooo fantastic. adorable photos you have there :D

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I loved this post, :D
Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos with us hun. They're all very nice!


ANNIE said...

beautiful pictures as always...

and there's just something about pastry, that makes it so lovely to look at! =P
and i had no idea that there's Max Brenners in Australia!

Vivien said...

:) Seems like you had lots of fun in Melbourne.

The new Zara store looks nice. I read that Zara will be designing clothing specifically for Australia during each season. That should be nice. Hopefully I'll be able to pay them a visit during my school holidays.

Anonymous said...

great food pics. Looks like a lot of fun! those crepes are much smaller in Japan lol. perhaps that's Australian size :P

nadyagita said...

wooow amazing place! wish I was there :)
really want the churros, kindly hard find it here :(
love your coat and scarf!


Harija said...

Neat post!

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Becky said...

WOW what a fun entry! So much yummy food and pretty scenery :)

GretchTM said...

Beautiful photos!

rebecca said...

those cakes and macarons looks amazing! and i really do adore your coat


Reg Rodriguez said...

great photo diary! thanks for sharing these photos :) i've always wanted to visit melbourne :)


Jai said...

I'm spending a weekend in the city soon, thanks for sharing the pictures! I must visit The Cupcake Family, them macaroons look really tempting!

Florence said...

Hi jody! you look so fashionable and awesome. Your pics are great, do you use a filter to edit them ? It's so nice!

:3 thanks for your last comment on my blog, it was lovely.
check out my new travel post!

Chelsea Lane said...

the food looks soo amazing! I love all your images girl, you have such a great eye for photography. following you now! love your style :)


Morgan Jordan said...

Beautiful photos! What kind of filter/effect is that?


PS Your blog is fantastic so I'm following you! :)

Hercy said...

I love the pictures! Melbourne looks amazing, hope I can go there in the future! <3 And you make me drool too! >.< Those macaroons look tasty, I'm craving! =)

PS The brooch looks pretty!