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April 19, 2011

Bold Colours

Eleven Raindrops shirt, Valleygirl dress worn as skirt, Forever New stockings, Shoes from Hong Kong, Miss Shop bag
Knowing that winter will be arriving soon, I realized that one of the trends I'm really liking are bold colours in an outfit such as vivid purple, red, and blue. Bright colours tend to 'pop out' and make a dull winter day a bit brighter, don't you think?
On another note, ever felt like there is nothing new to wear in your wardrobe? Here's a tip if you don't know it already. Grab a dress and if you want it to appear as a skirt, then put on a slightly baggy top over the dress. Add a belt to it if you want, though it would really depend the top's style. If you however want to make the dress have the illusion of a top then wear something high waist whether it's high waist shorts, skirts, or pants/ jeans. I tend to do it a lot like here and here.


Kalmo said...

What a cute combo with the bright purple and floral shirt. :)

m i s s . t e a said...

SO floaty<3 and great tips, thanks!

miss tea & co.

Tootsie Jean said...

the outfit's adorable. You're right, bright colors will stand out in winter :DD


Michaela said...

Love the combo of your skirt and shirt!

LoveE ♥ said...

Aw you look adorable! Love that skirt on you! :)


Dewanti Primayani said...

that flowery shirt is so pretty. i love your editing :)

Le Fanciulle said...

Your boots are so sweet! :)

xx T

vanessa belle said...

wow .. you look so delicate, so sweet, I love your photos


Anonymous said...

the tights are cute! dont worry you can show off winter looks instead :)

mari b. said...

such a neat look.
the skirt has a truly beautiful colour!


Julie said...

Hey we have the same stockings! Aww I like your shoes, but they're from HK :(

Anyway, Cathy told me you wanted to go Easter Show, so come next year or something 8) & my blog is currently going through renovations so I need to fix it :/

Emy said...

Beautiful! Always looking lovely in your coordinates!

Francesca said...

i love how you put this together.. very cute!

Nina said...

great photos!

Dubravka Dodig said...

So girly!

kaizokumousy said...

I love your floral shirt^^

Hazey said...

this is so cute and girly <3