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March 11, 2011


Credits go to Snidel 2011 Spring/ Summer collection.
For anyone who is unfamiliar with this brand, it is a Japanese brand. I saw the collection and really the collection and photography. Speaking of Japan, a massive earthquake at a 8.9 magnitude and tsunami, makes me feel really depressed and sympathetic for anyone that is currently affected by it. Been constantly watching the news while praying for Japan as well as to the other countries who also might be affected...


&. nostalgia said...

I was thinking "ahhh I've heard this brand somewhere..go looks at old Japanese magazines" hehe
I love the collection♥♥♥

I turned on the tele when I went to my cousins house and was shocked to see another natural disaster occur in Japan T-T.
It's been disaster after disaster ><~

Eli said...

Love the photography, reminds me of Tim walker ;D
Praying for those in Japan too. Its so sad, and same BBC is on everywhere, broadcasting it.

amanda said...

their collection this season is seriously perfect. i want everything!

Emily Mathilde said...

i love it, great pictures!xxx


ching said...

these are so dreamy..

[Anna] said...

Whats happening in Japan and the surrounding areas is so devastating. My prayers go out to the people there. x

pau said...

wow! this pictures are adorable im following your beautiful blog dont forget to follow mine :)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment ! these are such beautiful pictures
i am now a follower !

Rinny said...

This is a really cute collection! The photos are all so whimsical and girly. Yeah it's terrible what's happening in Japan right now - hopefully other nations will come to their aid to provide supplies, aid, etc.

P.S. You've been awarded the stylish blogger award :)

Rinny said...

Oops forgot the link >.<

Julie Iliana said...

whoa, these pictures are so inspiring! I love them :) I would really love to go to Japan not only to buy loads of clothes of this brand, but to help out in anyway I could for what happened there.. my prayers go out to everyone XX

you've got an awesome blog by the way!

LoveE ♥ said...

What an amazing shoot! So inspiring, and my prayers are going to the people in Japan, it's horrible what happened to the :(

I am now following, I think we should follow each other :)

Pink Penguin said...

Such a gorgeous collection and shoot, thanks for sharing!! I will definitely check them out xxx