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February 28, 2011


From MFW - fashionologie 
Love the her coat, jeans, and wedges.
Speaking of jeans, I scored myself a nice pair of brown skinnies by Lee for 10$... LOVE. Bargain or what? You don't normally see me wearing jeans in my outfit pictures but during days where I can't be bothered with anything I usually put on a pair of jeans, or shorts. It depends on the weather.
On Wednesday, my school is having an 'Amazing Race' where us senior students have to run around the city meeting teachers at certain stops after we figure out the clue.It sounds exciting, but I hope we don't have to run tooooooo much...


Tam said...

what a bargain! where did you find the skinnies from? Amazing race sound fun, i actually wanted to go on the show when i was little. Is your school hosting it as an excursion or special event?

Natali said...

That girl looks stunning!

fashioneggpplant said...

those skinnies are the perfect color! love it :)

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cookie093 said...

The amazing race.. is extremely, extremely lame. Pray that you don't get a long route or else, you die. LOL <3

Candypop said...

trims sale?? hehe thats where i saw the 10$ Lee jeans ! I tried some on in khaki and purple but i just couldnt fit into them ! I cant wait till adelaide gets cold ox

Vanesa said...

Thanks for visit my blog! i follow you!



MOON said...

Her outfit is amazing! It looks very simple and sporty chic. ^^

Ayya McFire said...

love that outfit. classic and timeless.
and have fun running around the city and finding clues, if you get too tired from running drop by cibos or glorias and get some coffee haha :)
i've been reading your blog for a while and you have such an interesting blog, who would've thought you're still a senior student!
i'm a year twelve student and i was wondering if i could interview you via email for my research project. i will email the details to you.
if you have any questions or concerns you can contact me at my blog here.
thank you either way :)

Shirley said...

i just found your blog randomly and i love it!
you have such a great style!


Amy T said...

kinda bored of the quilted bag but everything else is pretty much perfection!

h.tea said...

LEE'S FOR $10?! :OOOOO!!

Sabrina T. said...

wow i love this blog!you are amazing and i like so much these photos!!
i'd be very happy if you coma and follow me,i'll do the same!!:)


H Rija said...

Love your blog and thanks for the lovely comment you left on my post - it made my day! (new follower)

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Annachiara said...

She's wonderfull!!! and you're wonderfull too :D i LOOVE your blog and your style deaR!!!! :D

Moniek said...

Great inspi! The coat and bag are perfection!

LuxeCouture said...

Absolutely adore that coat, and that bag is such a classic Chanel design, love!