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January 13, 2011

Quick Update

A pretty and moody picture from a postcard set.
Hi everyone!
Firstly I haven't updated in a while but that is because my computer recently broke and I had to send it off to get fixed... I finally have it back after 3 days and I have to reinstall everything again... Oh wells, at least I didn't lose any of my files. It was also recently my birthday (jan 9th) so my parents bought me a new camera, it's an SLR so you can be expecting a lot of better quality pictures in the future. I did take up Photography as a subject for a semester last year but I think I forgot everything so I'm just going to have to learn slowly again. I also wanted to update for anyone who lives under a rock... It's about the horrendous floods in Queensland, it's so heart wrecking to watch the news and see all the video footage of what is happening currently in Queensland and other parts of Australia. I hope everyone experiencing this natural disaster to be safe and stay strong through this difficult time. To be honest though I do not know how I would feel if I was in the actual situation and so I can't help but symphathize so much for all the victims...
You guys can also donate at:
Also I will most likely be posting my first giveaway tomorrow/today so watch out for it ^^


Larissa said...

happy belated! i can't wait for your pictures!

Elle said...

Happy belated birthday! Can't wait for your pictures now =D

heartofpearl ♡ said...

whats happening in QLD and other areas of Aus is really upsetting, i hope mother nature calms down soon and we really have to start respecting her more.. happy belated birthday beautiful:) congrats on ur SLR. oh btw yes! there is an alleyway full of grafitti.. nices ones hehe xx

Exuvalia said...

Happy Belated Birthday! And yes, the flood in Queensland. It's all over the news in Perth. Pretty saddening and my heart goes out to the people involved. :(

Candypop said...

ah hope ur bday went well, and what bad timing ur comp dying out ! yay for SLR and answer to ur question, the polaroid prints out wide screen photos ! so i guess one photo= 2x instax mini fotos put together. :)

Pee' Tee said...

Yeah! In Sportgirl. I only saw you walk out actually! My sister was like, trying to approach you or something! HAHA. Well, that sounded creepy but yeah =)
Were you with your sis? I was looking around for her afterwards too, hehe (A)

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Thank you dear! I really appreciate your comment :D
I'm following your blog!


Asuka said...

happy belated birthday! nice picture by the way =)

Giulia said...

Hey!! thank you very much for visiting my blog!!!
kisses =D


Francesca said...

thanks for posting about the qld floods. i live in queensland and my university, some of my friend's houses, my city and favourite shops have been affected. it's just horrible. it's going to be a big clean up. luckily i live on higher ground.. kisses

F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x