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January 22, 2011

Little Doe is Love 2010 Collection

I'm in love with the amazing headpieces that the girls are wearing.
Visit Little Doe is Love for more.

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Coco said...

oh wow.
the girls do look so pretty with all the accesories & the dress!
happy belated birthday girl! :)
i'm sure you had loads of fun with your friends from the pictures that i saw :))))
have a great weekend Jody!
- Coco

jess said...

absolutely love these headpieces too! oooh i also like your new header :) xx

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

those headpieces are so beautiful. i love that they are so splendid and made of natural looking pieces.

Pee' Tee said...

Loving the flower head piece the best!
Oh thank you Jody! I eyed it the other day. Too bad I spent my money on school shoes, I was only $10 short! Haha. :)

Isabella said...

I love those headdresses!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Love the photos!

Melody said...

Photos are gorgeous ! And the head pieces are sooo pretty *-*

Izzy Melhuish said...

wow what a pretty little head dress, thankyou for stopping by my blog! following! Izzy x x


oh so petite said...

The head pieces are beautiful. Amazing pictures.
Follow me if you wish to:

Jennifer said...

hey thanks for your comment on my blog post previously ^_^ you looked gorgeous in the last post!! and i love your outfits too :D please keep more outfit posts coming <3!!

ANN said...

All those head pieces are beautiful!

Ellen said...

pretty. Pocahontas inspired. :)