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January 17, 2011


Sportsgirl sheer blouse, shorts from a local store.
These cotton shorts are so comfortable and casual looking. There's not much to say besides the fact that I wore this to Officeworks? Whenever I go to Officeworks to buy new stationery, I always end up buying so much because  I love the feeling of new stationery! I go and buy new erasers even though I have like ten at home. By the end of the year, I lose everything because people keep borrowing them and not returning them back.  Speaking of school stuff, I was sorting out my folders and checking my list so see what I've still have to buy when I realised I had a heading for 'biology', then I stopped and thought about it. I'm not even doing Biology as a subject this year! Yet I bought the text book and stuff for it....... I'm so glad that one of my friends hasn't bought the text book yet, so she's going to buy the book off me when it arrives! YAY.

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Melody said...

You look gorgeous in those shorts! :D
And eeeeee, LOVE OFFICEWORKS *-*! I have a whole drawer filled with stationary that I keep for back up hehe. Even though I keep going back and getting more cos I forget that I have so much at home haha. And ahhhh, I hate it when people don't return stuff when they borrow it! :< !

LiezyL said...

love the sheer black top and brown shorts together!
and oh, i like the arrow connector ring with your pastel colored nails!

Gerrytales said...

Your self shots are beautiful~
I really like your shorts! I needa stock up on more shorts and skirts. I wish our local store sold cute shorts.... It's all asian groceries and random nick nacks lol.
You're lucky you still gots school ><

Natali said...

You look great!!

Tam said...

You are amazing and ahead of fashion! The "what i wore" label is inspirational. <3 love it!!

&. nostalgia said...

You look fashionable even when your just going to officeworks x) hehe
"borrow" more like use and runaway with it >w<hehe.
By the time I remember I'm missing a pencil it's too late! -_-"~

Candypop said...

ahhh i love stationery shopping too hahaha, when i was overseas thats when i'd stock up on nice pens from HK and pencil cases and diaries and highlighterssss and notebooks!

Viv said...

i love the sheer shirt on you, you look fabulous.. and your nails/ring are just so perfect..


projectvee said...

great outfit, i really like that top!


CAITLIN said...

this is a great casual look! i love black&tan together, and this looks sporty-yet-chic!

ps don't wish for snow in australia! i promise it's lovely around christmastime but then i just want it to go away!

la mode said...

Loving your outfit!! Tres chic!!

Asuka said...

oh my god I love your nailpolish! *_____* so cute
and your outfit looks so sweet on you =)

Sherrie Cola said...

Love the simplicity of this outfit and the mix of textures.

chocandcinnamon said...

I've been looking for a sheer black blouse like urs forever, I truly like it.

AzaharaJS said...

so cool, I love


Shoe said...

Oh I LOVE the combination of the soft, sheer shirt and the slightly more utilitarian drawstring short. Great outfit!



Melai said...

Hi dear! Thanks for visiting my blog and for putting a comment on my last post. It took me a while to get back to you! Thank you! You really have a nice blog. I like your style. And this sheer top is just sheer gorgeous. Keep it up and I'm definitely keeping myself posted on your latest looks! :)

Melai of Style and Soul

kaizokumousy said...

I love it!^_^ also your nail color and your ring :)

head over heels said...

this blouse is gorgeous - anything floaty and sheer is a winner with me! x

Yumeko said...

wow tats blouse is pretty pretty!!

Pee' Tee said...

Aw, I really LOVE your blouse! Any ideas where I can get it this season? :)

oh so petite said...

Love the shorts and the ring is cute.

Antonia Serio said...

Adorable outfit :D I love your hands and your nailpolishes :D Original, very original :D
Come into my blog if you want, youì're welcome :)


Whoop it up! said...

love outfit and ring !

now following <33

xx, tany


Jan said...

Ha, I have a serious stationary addiction as well (ssssh, don't tell my husband). Loving those multi-tone nails!

Anonymous said...

this looks super comfy and super chic!! i cannot wait to wear my sheer blouse out... its too cold here :(