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October 17, 2010

Denim playsuit

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Usamimi headband from KL, denim playsuit from KL
Hi readers. Here I am wearing a denim playsuit that I purchased in Kuala Lumpur with a kind- of- matching usamimi hair band that I also purchased from K.L... I kind of miss the occasional warm days in Hong Kong as it can get really hot! Here in Adelaide, it's cold with a lot of wind again... What kind of Spring is this? Well I only hope it gets a little warmer soon. I also crimpled my hair that day, and it was the only day that I was bothered to use my own hair straightener throughout my trip, lazy! If I knew I wasn't going to use it that often then I could of saved from space in my luggage. Also like my pen that I purchased? I've always wanted one and I'm glad I found the right one. Though it can be tiresome to write with it for a long time as the pen is so fat. It's still very cute!


Exuvalia said...

I love love love your playsuit.
May I steal it one day? D:
Anyway, you look pretty as usual.
And your pen is very cute. <3

daisychain said...

That is such a cute outfit.

Bardot in Blue said...

hi darling! adore the little playsuit! looks like you are having fun as always and looking super cute!

xoxo BB

Anonymous said...

lovely pics:) Pen with micky is awesome:)

Fanny said...

u look so cute ^^

&. nostalgia said...

Cute, cute, cute playsuit ♥.
Seems like you did heaps of shopping on your trip to Asia hehe.

Leia Bee said...

I love the playsuit so much! And the bow is so cute!

jess said...

another cute outfit!! love it :) and your pics make me miss hk! :(

Vivien said...

Woww~ The playsuit looks really sweet. I can't wait until I go back next year!

Yuliya xoxo. said...

Beautiful pictures !

Anonymous said...

You are so cute!!!
Love that playsuit of yours, it's so feminine! :)



Nello Esposito said...


Anonymous said...

You are too adorable! And I love that playsuit, so cute!

Thanks for the comment, also!

ps, what a nice blog you have.


dred said...

love your romper. you look cute. :)


khani said...

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✿ren said...

You look like a cute bunny!