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September 12, 2010

Scrumptious don't you think?

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Sportsgirl boater hat, Ladahk top, Wrangler shorts, Black stockings, Fcuk belt, Betts flats
I got to go to visit the Hilton Hotel for an excursion. After the tour around the hotel we were all treated with two plates delicious food! The eclairs were soo yummy! I think they're the best ones that I've ever eaten. The fudge was really nice as well but it had a lot of chocolate in it (of course). The worse part was we weren't supplied with any liquid and there was no near by rubbish bins so I had to eat all the fudge... WAY too much chocolate for my liking. This is what I wore yesterday, and I love my dark brown boater hat. It's cute and good for Spring! I don't think I really suit hats though and they kind of fall out of my head... It's ok, I can still wear it ;]. I also have work experience this week. Thus, that means no school and holidays are near. Exciting.

Oh and Junior Mastechef is on today, I am rather addicted to these type of cooking shows. Speaking of which, I got to meet Poh today, who was runner up for last year's Masterchef.


Eli said...

wow you have masterchef in Australia! I watched an aussie version of come dine with me too :]]
The deserts look so yummy :o
Love your outfit!

Exuvalia said...

I love your boater hat! It suits you very well. I feel like buying one just like yours too. >__<

Oh, Junior Masterchef is on today? That should be very very interesting! If I have the time, I shall watch it too.

&. nostalgia said...

you always have yummy and pretty look food keke.
adorable outfit ♥~

Melody said...

You look so awesome ^-^!!
I really like the hat and the food ;A; !! I wish I could be washing Jr Masterchef atm but I'm too busy with work :(


Tezza said...

yeah how did you meet Poh!!
omg junior masterchef is so awesome, them kids can really cook! so jealous haha

Pixie D said...

the straw hat is so cute, where did you get it =)?
I am going to get one for summer too =P
But now is still cold in mel ><

{ I V Y } said...

cutest hat! i want it! haha :)

cookie093 said...

The top we got together back then :D

Missy M said...

oh yummy! love your hat x

Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

bubblistyle said...

i want some of that eclairs now!
i love how you wore the plaid shirt with shorts and leggings :)

Angie said...

omg such delicious snacks! hehe i like your cute little hat and glasses

Agitarsi said...

nice hat (:


STARR said...

Cute! You're so tiny

claudia isabella said...

i bet the deserts are soo yummy ! :9 and i love your hat . i'm a new follower anyway :) hopre you'll follow me back :D

Cloudy Day

Leenda said...

The desserts look so yummy! That sounds like something that would happen to me. You eat something and then no water or trash can in sight. lol

yuki said...

You are so cute and I like your outfit. The hat suits you.

Dolce♥Bunny said...

That is such a cute hat! You look so so cute ^^
Thank you for visiting my blog by the way! Am your new follower ;)

Jeniffer said...

cute hat and the cake looks yummy...