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September 9, 2010

Poker Face

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Lonsdale London t shirt, Dangerfield cardigan, Lee shorts, FCUK belt, Forever New stockings, Boots, Paul Frank bag
Hello everyone!
So yesterday I was able to go to the show again and in better weather condition though rain was still spitting for a while. This time I went on more rides and I think I am really scared of heights because I went on a swing one and my friend who sat next to me, kept shaking the chair to scare me...
I also dyed my hair and actually it is so bright/light! I asked for medium brown but this looks like orange-yellow-brown! I am still not use to this colour since I have had dark hair for a while now.
About my outfit, I purchased these lace stockings for quite some time now. I thought I could wear it with many things but I found it rather hard to wear it with anything. However there was one time when I saw a girl who walked past me. She had a bright blue coat, with lace stockings and military boots. It looked really good and I never thought about matching lace with military but hey... I guess they do look well together. You really can be inspired anywhere! :)
P.s Despicable me is out today, and so I hope to watch it as soon as possible~!


Exuvalia said...

Aww! I love love love your hair colour. It looks so good on you. I bought dark blonde hair dye, and it turned out dark brown on me. *shifty eyes* I want your boots. =o

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

mmm lace stocking is always sweet, thanks for your comment on my post too =D
take care

Min said...

I saw a girl at uni wearing white lace stockings the other day and she pulled it off really well even though she just wore it with a coat. And surprisingly, it wasn't too over the top or "too much" for uni. I think it looked really nice. The coat was navy btw :) Once again, I love the outfit you're wearing. Same goes to your hair colour.

Don't you just hate it when you try to dye it a certain (light) brown and it doesn't turn as light as you want it to be? I always have this problem :S That's why my hair is still kinda dark brown... Your orangey brown is gorgeous <3

PinkOrchids said...

I want to watch Despicable me!! it looks sooo cute! ^__^ xX

Tezza said...

yeah i agree, i like your hair colour !
and your tights too ^^

&. nostalgia said...

love the belt ♥
Your hair colour is gorgeous.
and since it's s/s, a light colour will look nice ^^.
"Om my gosh it's so fluffy, i'm gonna die" hehe
i have to watch Despicable Me!

cookie093 said...

ooo wow, I dyed my hair too LOL is this another one of our freaky moments? I dyed it lighter too!

LoliTa said...

great photos- love the colours! and the lace looks great on you

TheMadTwins said...

wow, I love these pictures ^__^
And I think your haircolor looks great ^__^
And those stockings O.O
I adore them, I want some like that too ^__^

xxx London

sarah said...

it would be nice if you follow me too. :)



Cindy said...

nice pictures


jamie-lee said...

I love your photos from the fair, they're absolutely lovely! x


CoffeeBlooms said...

lovely look! your tights are gourgeus! :)

Charlotte Elise Jay said...

CUTE photos!

I love your cardi and the tights :)

Looks lovely!

Char x

SMASH said...

love those boots and the picture of you with the cotton candy! :)


Winnie said...

I think the colour is a lovely colour and will probably get lighter in the sun right? I think it turned out really well!

Dolls Factory said...

!!!!!!!fantastic !!!!!!

!!!!!!!fantastic !!!!!!

switch off please the word verification, I follow through google reader which makes everything easier to read, while you make it hard for us to comment

Leenda said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I like your new hair color. =]

wuguimei said...

Yum! Cotton candy!

I watched Despicable Me last month! It was really cute, haha.

Melody said...

The photos look awesomeee!!
I think the lace stockings look really good too :3 I really want to buy one now xD But yeah, I've bought stockings and etc before thinking I'd be able to match it with a lot of things ..and not ever doing it :|

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Elsa said...

I lvoe your tights and your cardigan. You look so pretty in these photos :D

Federica F. said...

Cute pics, love your collant!
If you want visit and follow:

My name is Chloé said...

cute outfit!
Love the tights.

мoɴιcα-αι said...

very cute lace leggings :)

TIFFANY thegirlwithafeather said...

Love the tights and boots combo and that cardigan, so basically the whole outfit :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh candy gloss!! A bucket full!!

ahhh i see braces, girl you should show them off :D i used to wear them myself XD

✿ren said...

I LOVE your lace leggings! I think they'd go really well with dresses and hats. :D
Also, I think it's cute how acrobatic your belt is. XDD

Karolina K. said...

Ohh, I like your cardigan with this belt. Adorable. xx

Fashion Cappuccino said...

You are so adorable!! I love your shoes! I've watched Despicable Me a while ago and it was hilarious! You'll like it :-) xoxoxoxoxoo

jess said...

love the new hair! andddddd fairy floss and merry-go-rounds you lucky girl!! im following you and your lovely style xx

KANI said...

your tights are beautiful! i want a pair!!!