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August 2, 2010

Black Polka Dots

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Wish leather jacket, Long top- Chinese store, Lee high waisted shorts, Dangerfield polka dot tights, white socks, Gilles St. Market boots
Hello everyone, how was your weekend? My Sunday was spent shopping and viewing Inception, which was definitely a great movie. It was really confusing at first and it took me a while to understand the whole 'dreaming' concept but overall a creative plot and interesting scenes. I did buy a few things when I went shopping but I want to show you this. I've been trying to find a 'jewelry stand' for months now and I think I found a perfect one... Isn't it so cute? Some of my things are on it for now, I'll add more when I go back into my room (I never realised how many pastel colours I own). I think it suits me a lot lol. It's currently lying on the floor though, I still haven't figure out where to place it since my cube shelf is too small for it...
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Hm, about my outfit, if anyone was wondering... I am wearing shorts underneath!!! The shorts are dark blue, so it's not obvious but I would not walk around the streets in a long top and tights only... The boots was something that I bought from the Gilles Street Market, and I love it! I'm glad I could fit into it because the stall holder exclaimed that there were a numerous amount of people who wanted to buy it but couldn't fit it hehe.


Anonymous said...

yay to braces! i wore mine about 2 yrs ago! you have a cute smile now!

the tights are super cute!

BeautyOnTheWay said...

Love your leather jacket, so cool!

your-stalker said...

Wow! You got braces?! Since when?

eli_7 said...

..:( Wish I had braces...so gonna regret it when I'm older :/
I love your Outfit :)

johanna said...

Ohh so sweet, that biju holder is AWESOME

Exuvalia said...

Wow! Cute smile you have there! Anyway, I have a jewellery stand too (somewhat like yours) but I had to keep it because it got very dusty after a while. =(

kayla marie said...

love your look, love your boots even more :)
thanx for visiting my blog follow if you like.

rebecca said...

I really want your boots! They're amazing (:


Bri said...

Shoes are so cute! i love the whole outfit!

Jonna said...

Love your tights & the leather jacket!
You look so cute. x

Ken said...

very cute tights =D
are u sure u want to hug my niece? she poops her pants!

Bardot in Blue said...

adorable as always silky bow! what season is it where you are? looks like it is a bit colldddd

johanna said...

You really look SO cute

Ashley said...

As always, I love your style!!!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Love the polka dots and plaid! Great combo! That little jewelry stand is darling, too, great find! So happy you stopped by Little Blue Deer so I could find you, happy to be your newest follower! XO!

Anonymous said...

aw very cute outfit, suits you a lot, and aw, I had braces when I was in high school and I actually loved them I did hehe !!!


Coralie said...

You're so cute ! Love your style :)



dotie said...

cute outfit...
I haven't seen inception yet but i'm definitely looking forward to it :)

eclectic du jour

♥ M i m i said...

love your polka dot tights and those boots!

been wanting a pair of walkable utility-like boots for a while.

thanks for visiting! xxx

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

This is such a cute look! A lot of people don't like the combination of black and brown but I LOVE IT. And you TOTALLY ROCK IT.

So effortless chic!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Yumeko♡ said...

Waaauu, I love your Outfit!! :D
It's so cute!~ ^-^
The most i like your polka dot tights!! :D

Blackswan said...

Wow! i love your boots! been tryin to scout a pair on eBay but haven't found a pair that i like! But i know i want one similar to yours!

thank you for your lovely comment, you are cute! now following!

Come by for a visit again or follow!

x Your Only Blackswan

Coralie said...

That's really funny, I could say the same, I could wear your clothes !
We may have the same style ^^
The last photo of this post is sooooo lovely ! <3

Thanks for your comments :)



Anonymous said...

Hi Jody :) The outfit is so adorable, you can pull it off really well.

Have a nice day! Beth xx


StyleNonsense said...

I Want Black Patent Doc Marten Boots, I Soo Realise They Are Not Doc Martens But I Want Them Despite That! I Love The Dress Fit.

Diana said...

so adorable i adore your boots!

thank you for your comment :) i hope you keep visiting and follow me !!



☁ christine ☂ said...

I fall more and more in love with your blog every time! I love the boots and how you wore it with the socks and tights. :) nice leather jacket too.

I just watched inception too- such a great movie!!

Peter said...

your stylin' too, especially for a highschool kid

therawpower said...

Hey you have a really great blog. I really like it and u look very cute. your photos are very nice.
Where did u find macaron in Adelaide btw??

Please visit my fashion blog, comments are welcome =)


therawpower said...

Yes I do live in adl, but im in HK atm, will be back to adel in few months time…
Thanks for the macaron information, I have been crazily searching for it for awhile!!
When im back into adel, I ll do some nice outfit posts =)
Stay tune


Anonymous said...

I love your boots


aww you have such a great style doll :-)
very nice, oh and what movie did you saw?


Blair said...

That is one cute jewelry stand! Loves it!! =D

little shadow said...

I love your outfit, you're adorable!

TOPCOAT said...

You are so cute!
I love your look!


Susie said...

Thanks, I actually hate my eyebrows :P I wish they were a bit thicker! I love your outfit! You are so cute =)

3ate4 said...

Liking the jacket!

Sarah said...

You have such great photos on your blog! You really do have great style. I've never seen a jewelry stand quite like that before, you should be glad you have one that's so unique. New Follower :)

Becky said...

Nice outfit


☆Anastacia☆ said...

so pretty!!
lovely bling-bling organizer! looks very adorable!

Fashion Tidbits said...

love those polka dot tights

that girl lucy said...

yesss, yay for us aussie bloggers!
oooh i see we share an obbsession for polks dot tights :')
and loves the socks + lace ups, so cute x

The Velvet Bow said...

Cute outfit :)

x The Velvet Bow

Coco said...

I was wearing boots nearly exactly the same just yesterday. And, WOW, another Adelaide blogger! Adding you to my Adelaide fashion bloggers list - I think that makes 26. You should come the next time we have a meetup! x