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July 19, 2010

Gilles Street Market

For the first time on Sunday, I went to have a look at Gilles Street Market. It is a market that insists of small stalls selling their stuffs I guess. Most of you would know what I am talking about anyway :P. I browsed through the clothes and accessories quickly as I passed each stall just because I had to hold my long stick umbrella and my bag on my shoulder which kept falling down my shoulders everytime I leaned over. I managed to buy two things anyway; a pair of boots and a black blazer/ jacket.

Look at this. I am not sure what it is called... potato twist? It's just a whole potato twisted and deep fried I assume but it was delicious. While eating it, I realised I ate one whole potato. Cool way to eat a potato eh?

Look at these macaroons or macarons... I remember that time, not long ago when I wanted to try them so bad and now I see them everywhere. As I saw them again this time, I had the urge to buy another one just to see how these ones would taste. It tasted and looked much yummier than the ones I tried last time. Macaroons don't taste that bad/ sweet afterall.
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Flower headband, Regatta coat, white skivvy, Diva necklace, Forever New gloves, Quirky Circus skirt, black stockings, pink floral socks, G-market oxfords.

Well that's all for now, goodbye!



Ohhh I love that umbrella! Now I feel like I want to make a potato like that!

Twee + Kz said...

Hey sweetie,

really cute headpiece and gloves on you~!I'd buy the whole tube of macaroon!!!

Ezzentric Topz

johanna said...

Sooo cute

Fashion Tidbits said...

you're so cute!

amanda said...

omg i've always wanted to try those potato twist thingys. I must get around to it now since you say it tastes good :)

p/s i like your coat! x

Dolls Factory said...

Thank u for your comment. Love your outfit
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your-stalker said...

Yay you found your way there! :D

jenniferleeyt said...

You always have the cutest outfits.
Where did you get those oh so fabulous shoes?

Dolls Factory said...

Love it . You are so fit so it is perfect.Sorry for the rainy day

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Anonymous said...

oh dear,thank you so much for the comment.and you look absolutely sweet,love your skirt,jacket,shoes. amazing :)
want to exchange link and follow,let me know pretty girl.

PinkOrchids said...

Your raincoat is really nice! And your necklace!! xx

Indie.Tea said...

You look adorable, I love your umbrella, and those macaroons are lovely!

EnVogueLove said...

Your new blazer looks amazing, but I also like everything else:)

projectvee said...

very cute!
and the food looks yummms. especially macaroons!

Anonymous said...

aww! macaroons and super cute pics!!

http://theveiledbump.blogspot.com/ ♥

Lara said...

Love the skirt and the trench XD


Beth Ruby said...

Love all these photos, so cute!
Your outfit is amazing and the food (especially the macaroons :D) is even more so!
FABULOUS post :) xx

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

what a sweet outfit...and that potato twist looks delicious!
xox alison

little shadow said...

That potato twist is cool!
And your outfit is lovely, darling.

libys11 said...

first timer on your blog and i love it!! your style is so so cute!! love the skirt you're wearing and the umbrella too! :D

oh and those potato things look interesting!! plus, macaroons = love!! aaahh! i love this post! :D

Animated Confessions

kirstyb said...

love this look x

Vivian said...

i love your outfit<3
the potato is delicious!! i've ate it last year at a funpark

julianne. said...

you are so adorable.
i love your outfit,
and that potato look like heaven.<3

Fashion Cappuccino said...

You look so adorable!! I love, love your outfit with the transparent umbrella!! xxxoxoxoo

TristanEmma said...

I keep seeing these macaroons everywhere on blogs!! I can't believe I haven't tried any out of all the times I have been to Europe! Such an adorable outfit :) I have always wanted a clear umbrella!!



Popcorn said...

WOW! I have never had a macaroon before, but they look sooo yummy. hmmmmmmm You look cute~

Min said...

Hi! I'm here to leave you a comment too :D

Those Macaroons sure look so yummy <3 I've yet to try them even though I talk A LOT about them :S I've heard lots of comments about how they are extremely sweet and stuff...So they're not?

Amy said...

Hiya, thanks for the comment;

Love this outfit- you look like a dolly ^^
I've followed your blog too :)

Y & C said...

Oh my god, you're so cute!
And I love your umbrella! <3


Tara said...

cute outfit!! new follower.


Bri said...

Love the shoes!